Except Ka Da Ver by Premier Roeles all CD’s are designed by Pascale Companjen Ka Da Ver was designed by Harmjan Roeles and Nico Huijbregts // cd’s can be ordered directly by me or through: subterranean distribution – click on this link and you’ll find all the information



Hoe alles oplost (2013) different chambermusic played by Tui Clark, the Black Pencil Ensemble, Kees Hilhorst, Marieke Franssen & Goska Isphording, the Alauda String Quartet

Dialogue Dreams Front

Dialogue Dreams (2012) 2 cd’s with 24 free improvisations played by 6 different duos: me in combination with Simin Tander, Laia Genc, Mete Erker, Bram Stadhouders, Jasper Stadhouders, Dion Nijland

achterzijde P roeles Ka Da Ver KADAVERROELES copy

Ka Da Ver (2011) free improvisations by Premier Roeles (Fred van Duijnhoven: drums / Gerard van der Kamp: tenor and soprano saxophone / Harm-Jan Roeles: bass /Nico Huijbregts: piano

Falsche Tango voorkant

Falsche Tango (2010) chamber music played by Esra Pehlivanli & Marko Kassl, Ned McGowan, Naomi sato, Ere Lievonen, Dirk Luijmes, Nico Huijbregts

Voorkant cd Free Floating Forms Nico Huijbregts klein

Free Floating Forms (2009)  piano solo improvisations

voorkant beeld.indd

Let me tell you (2007) piano solo improvisations